Abang Adik’ Dominates 25th Far East Film Festival

‘Abang Adik’ has already left an indelible mark in Taiwan, where it was showcased to international audiences. Making history as the highest-grossing film ever presented in Taiwan between Singapore and Malaysia, the film’s success overseas is a testament to its widespread appeal.

The film ‘Abang Adik,’ produced by Executive Producers Sinje Lee and Alex C. Lo, along with Producers Nicole Teoh and Trini Lam, scheduled to meet audiences in cinemas across Malaysia on December 14, 2023. 

Not only wins over the hearts of fans, however, ‘Abang Adik’ has already garnered attention at International Film Festivals, even setting a record as the first Southeast Asian film to win the Main Prizes at the 25th Far East Film Festival (FEFF), including the Golden Mulberry Audience Awards, The Black Dragon Critics’ Prize, and the White Mulberry Awards for Best Debut Feature held in Udine, Italy.

Not only recognized at FEFF, ‘Abang Adik,’ featuring the stellar pairing of actors from two countries, Jack Tan (Malaysia) and Wu-Kang Ren (Taiwan), has also garnered over 10 recognitions worldwide, including awards at festivals such as the 22nd edition of the New York Asian Film Festival 2023 and the First Official Selection 2023 in China. 

Wu Kang Ren’s extraordinary acting talent has earned him four victories, including recognition at the Taipei 60th Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actor, the 13th FIRST International Film Festival 2023 for Best Performance and acknowledgment for Best Lead Performance at the QCinema International Film Festival – Asian Next Wave held in the Philippines. 

In his directorial debut, Jin Ong, previously known as a successful producer, adeptly guides audiences through the dilemmas of a life steeped in poverty and the hardships faced by two orphaned siblings. 

They are Abang, a mute and deaf person with disabilities (Wu KangRen) and his brother, Adi (Jack Tan), lives engulfed in anger. 

A tragedy has tested the bond between these two siblings, and the film beautifully delves into the conflicts and dilemmas faced by Abang and Adi. 

Speaking about ‘Abang Adik’, director Jin Ong describes the recognition received from festivals as a positive indication of Southeast Asian works standing shoulder to shoulder with renowned international productions. 

“The recognition and awards achieved across continents worldwide through the narrative of ‘Abang Adik,’ which delves into themes of life, family, sacrifice, and love conveyed through the creative synergy of artists from two countries sharing a common vision, serve as undeniable evidence of the competitiveness of Southeast Asian creators.” 

“I also sincerely hope that ‘Abang Adik’ receives a positive response upon its screening in Malaysian cinemas starting this December 14,” said Jin Ong. 

For Jack Tan, ‘Abang Adik’ presented in three languages; Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay is particularly special due to its storyline and production, which combines the workforce and actors from Malaysia and Taiwan. 

The 114-minute film, as described by Jack Tan, who also portrays the character Adi, holds a unique sentimental value as it involves individuals with two different physical conditions, stirring the instincts of anyone who watches. 

“There is a sentimental value in this film ‘Abang Adik’ for me because family relationships are something everyone experiences in the world.”


“How the characters Abang and Adi navigate life in the same world but in different ways, with one being a person with disabilities and the other rebelling due to their poverty,” says Jack Tan. 

To find out more about the film ‘Abang Adik’, don’t miss the chance to watch this internationally resonating film as it enters cinemas near you on December 14, 2023.”

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