Advancing Innovation: Leader Energy and BMW Group Malaysia Join Forces

SELANGOR, 6 OCTOBER 2023 – Leader Energy Holding Berhad, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Leader EV Solutions Sdn Bhd, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with BMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd. The MOU aims to feature the BMW brand at all of Leader EV’s Galaxy Charge stations along the North-South Highway in Malaysia and collaborate on campaigns to promote vehicle charging for BMW-affiliated brands at Leader EV’s Galaxy Charge network. Leader Energy, along with its subsidiaries and jointly controlled entities, is an independent power producer primarily engaged in the development, ownership, operation, and maintenance of power assets and projects.

Under the MOU, Leader EV will be responsible for the development, installation, operation and maintenance of the Galaxy Charge network. In addition, Leader EV is to actively promote and create awareness on electric vehicle charging technology while BMW is to fulfil the access of public charging solutions via a subscription or members programme through Leader EV’s Galaxy Charge network.

Leader Energy’s Executive Deputy Chairman, Dato’ Sean H’ng said, “We are excited to embark on this journey with BMW Group Malaysia to further enhance the use and charging of electric vehicles through Leader EV’s Galaxy Charge network in Malaysia. With the consistent growth trajectory of Malaysia’s Electric Vehicles (“EV”) market, we anticipate higher demand for EV charging stations in the near future. Through this collaboration, we believe that we will be well-positioned to capture a larger share of the market with our EV charging infrastructure. Our charging projects on the North-South Highway is a stepping stone platform in growing our network across Malaysia. With the collective efforts of both parties involved, we are very optimistic in achieving a mutually beneficial outcome from this collaboration.”

Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability at BMW Group Malaysia, Sashi Ambi said, “As the leading provider of premium EVs in Malaysia, we are always looking out for strategic partnerships to drive the development of a thriving EV ecosystem forward. Our latest initiative with Leader Energy exemplifies both our shared commitments towards enhancing public access to charging infrastructure nationwide and alleviating range anxiety, especially on a long-distance journey. With this MOU, we look forward to expanding our charging network of over 1,000 facilities even further and providing our customers with a complete premium EV ownership experience.”