Al-Ikhsan Sports presents Al-Ikhsan Cup for M4 League season 2023

This season, the M4 League will continue to be sponsored by Al-Ikhsan Sports Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia’s top sports shop. The new name for the M4 league is “AL-IKHSAN CUP 2023.” Beginning on June 3 and continuing until September 2023, the league is slated to begin.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Al-Ikhsan Sports, ” Al-ikhsan Sports has  always been at the forefront in terms of sponsoring community level sporting leagues  especially Football. This is in keeping with our core purpose of making sports affordable for all for the past 30 years. This sponsorship is extremely relevant and  important especially in our 30th year anniversary year and this is our way of highlighting  local footballing talent and giving them the recognition and opportunity to showcase  their skills. We have also developed specialized home and away kits under our brand  AL sport and match which has been developed by our sister company. This  merchandise can be bought by fans and patrons from across more than 180+ stores  across Peninsular Malaysia and also online through’.

In brief, the M4 League has 16 teams divided into 3 zones, namely the Central Zone,  the Borneo Zone and the East Coast Zone. All these teams will play each other and the  top two teams from each group will advance to the knockout round from the quarter finals to the final.

Al-Ikhsan Sports actively sponsors several other sports in Malaysia, including rugby  and Premier League football. The interest exhibited for the sake of soul and  enthusiasm from the team for the beyond 30 years in shading the games business  dynamically.