Do’zee Prestigious Award Night & Gala Night 2022

58 Malaysian entrepreneurs in total were recognised at the “Do’zee Prestigious Award Night & Gala Night.” At the Double Tree by Hilton, there was a dinner and awards ceremony.

The annual awards ceremony was organized by IKON Malaysia. The award ceremony celebrate the outstanding achievement of business players who have remained successful in the Do’zee platform and contributed to nation-building despite the challenges nowadays.

Do’zee Prestigious Award Night & Gala Night presented awards to archivers today who archive their target in Do’zee business not only in technology and processes therefore creating a results driven culture to manage, accelerate and sustain digital innovation. Furthermore, the recipients of tonight’s show demonstrate how they deliver and market Do’zee. Lastly, tonight’s Gala night is a platform to celebrate all the staff of SR Resources Sdn Bhd.

About Do’zee

Do’zee Laundry Soap is a Bumiputera Muslim laundry product that is HALAL certified by JAKIM, founded by Datuk Mohd Syukri Ibhrim, Do’zee is specially formulated to wash your clothes as cleanly as possible while maintaining the softness of the clothes and also preserving the color of the clothes.

Growing up in proverty made Datuk Mohd Syukri focus on pursuing business knowledge to help ease the burden of his two parents. After finishing the fifth form, Datuk Mohd Syukri left his hometown and migrated to Kuala Lumpur to explore the meaning of life. Without choosing a job, he accepted the offer to be a dishwasher in a factory canteen with a happy heart.

Starting from there, Datuk Mohd Syukri set out to open his own soap factory. Armed with experience working in a canteen for 10 years, in 2008 he opened his own canteen. As a result of the operation of the canteen, Datuk Syukri made strides by opening his own soap factory in 2015 in Puncak Alam.

Now, Do’zee is one of the Halal washing soap brands that are the choice of Malaysians. With the cooperation of stockists and agents throughout Malaysia, Dozee is now able to record sales of over 500 thousand bottles per month.

And Datuk Mohd Syukri opened two restaurants in Puncak Alam to pursue his passion for the Food & Beverage industry.

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