‘Going Crazy Wild’ with Kat

Although Kat Roshan might be a name that is unfamiliar to some, those who have heard her singing on the radio or on other digital platforms are likely already aware of how quickly she is rising in Malaysia’s vocal scene.

Katrina Cheng Binti Roshan, this young singer-songwriter was born in Kuala Lumpur and is of mix parentage with a Malay father and Chinese mother.

Musically inclined since young, she was discovered to have the perfect pitch by her violin teacher. She started piano lessons at age 5 with her mother’s school friend, and later, picked up the guitar from her former Maths teacher, Stephen Kimber who also managed Kat these past few years as she developed her musical talent and early career.

Kat was only 15 at that time when she was introduced to Mr Ong Peng Chu. He has been mentoring her since 2018.

In line with her musical progress, the star just released her latest single called Going Crazy Wild. Composed and produced by renowned South Korean producer Jeong Wook ‘James’ Park, alongside Jun Il Kim and Chan Hee Jung, the dance track also sees the participation of Kat herself as the lyricist, accompanied by Korean hip hop star Su Jin who gives a dazzling rap performance in the song.

Kim Su Jin is an artist under Park Jeong Wook’s MOT label and is no stranger to the Korean hip hop scene.

According to Mr Park, “When I first met Kat, she seemed like a girl who simply loved music. However, as we proceeded with the recording, I discovered that she possessed perfect pitch and had a serious attitude towards music. I truly felt her genuine love for music.

After listening to the final version of the recording, where the beautifully arranged instruments blended seamlessly with Kat’s captivating voice, I recognized her as an artist with endless potential.

From the beginning of the album project until now, regardless of genre, we have shared many stories about music from around the world, and I have developed a desire to grow together with her on a global scale.

Moving forward, I aim to combine the essence of K-pop with Kat’s voice and continue collaborating with her. I will put in my best efforts to become an artist who is loved not only in Malaysia but worldwide as well,” explained Park.

“Park Jeong Wook also acknowledged his artist, Su Jin in the project”, for her many talents.

“Su Jin is a unique artist! Being a rapper and a vocalist, and combining traditional Korean trot music with rap, she can be considered a one-of-a-kind “Troper” (a combination of trot and rapper). Su Jin is a versatile all-round singer who is capable of both vocals and rapping. Su Jin’s ability to incorporate both trot and rap elements in her music must make her performances quite interesting and captivating,”.

Going Crazy Wild is now available on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Youtube Music, while the MV can be watched on Universal Music Malaysia Official YouTube channel.