The Ibu Nakhoda Hidup 2023 initiative has successfully concluded, according to WOMEN:girls, Procter & Gamble (P&G) Malaysia and Singapore, and MYDIN Mohamed Holdings Berhad (MYDIN). The concluding event, which was held at the MYDIN headquarters in Subang Jaya, was a resounding monument to these prestigious organizations’ successful commitment to supporting and economically strengthening women entrepreneurs throughout the country.

The Ibu Nakhoda Hidup programme, launched in 2015, stands as a beacon of empowerment,  equipping enterprising mother entrepreneurs with the essential tools, knowledge, and unwavering  confidence to flourish amidst the ever-evolving business landscape, enriching their families and  broader communities. 

“Partnerships serve as the cornerstone of sustainable development, and we are immensely  gratified to rekindle our collaboration with Procter & Gamble (P&G) and MYDIN to relaunch the Ibu  Nakhoda Hidup programme, following a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. This programme exemplifies the unyielding values of our esteemed partners. At WOMEN: girls, we understand that  empowering mother entrepreneurs doesn’t just uplift communities, it secures the future for  generations to come,” declared Izza Izelan, Executive Director of WOMEN: girls, a dynamic non-governmental organisation committed to nurturing women into role models and children into  change agents. 

The Ibu Nakhoda Hidup initiative is underpinned by the ‘Hulurkan Harapan’ Fund, a visionary fund  jointly established by P&G and MYDIN a decade ago to champion social initiatives endorsed by  P&G. Each RM10 spent on P&G products at MYDIN Hypermarkets and the Roadshow, from its  inception in May until June this year, contributed 5 cents to this impactful fund, culminating in an  impressive RM95,000 total collection. Through this resource, every mother entrepreneur is  uniquely supported with tailored aid, whether in the form of goods, services, equipment, or  materials essential to elevate their entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Following a meticulous evaluation of 104 mothers interviewed across diverse locations, including  Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Terengganu, Penang, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Melaka, Kelantan, Sabah,  and Sarawak, six exceptional mother entrepreneurs have been chosen as recipients of the 2023  programme. 

The six include Chendra Anak Bahak, a Kuching-native food entrepreneur pioneering traditional  Borneo cuisine in Peninsular Malaysia; Yenny Jamrut, a Sabahan cendol artisan poised for  innovative expansion; Mariani Idris, an agriculture enthusiast from Kuching with over two decades  of plant and fertiliser expertise; Masinah, a Sabah-based purveyor of salted fish and dried shrimps  with aspirations of international exports; Azmira Ali, a Sambal Penyet maven expanding her sambal-making enterprise; and Paremala Vanni, a bakery proprietor and certified baking instructor  committed to widening her impact through extended baking classes. 

P&G’s relentless commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs and sparking transformative  change resonates profoundly through its steadfast endorsement of this initiative. Mr. Nantha  Kumaran Kalimuthu, Country Manager of P&G Malaysia and Singapore, asserted, “Rooted in a  legacy of innovation and progressive change, P&G acknowledges women’s paramount role in  propelling economic advancement. Through strategic collaborations like the Ibu Nakhoda Hidup  programme, P&G leverages its extensive expertise and resources, bestowing financial backing  and invaluable upskilling prospects. By equipping aspiring mother entrepreneurs with the skills to  expand their enterprises, we aspire to empower these women to establish, flourish, and amplify  their earnings, creating fresh job opportunities within their communities. Their triumph will stand as  a model for fellow women, engendering a virtuous cycle of reinvestment in families and  communities. This dedicated commitment to nurturing and elevating women entrepreneurs  epitomises P&G’s core principles and augments its enduring influence on societies and  economies.” 

Datuk Wira (Dr) Hj. Ameer Ali Bin Mydin, Executive Director of MYDIN, declared, “MYDIN proudly  continues its collaborative journey with P&G Malaysia and Singapore and WOMEN:girls in  nurturing and enriching maternal entrepreneurial prowess through the Ibu Nakhoda Hidup  programme. Since its inception in 1957, MYDIN has consistently championed its role as an  economic catalyst and avenue for opportunity. Embracing the ethos of ‘Why Pay More? Buy at  Wholesale Prices!’, MYDIN extends beyond merely delivering quality goods; it fosters an  environment where burgeoning women entrepreneurs can illuminate. Initiatives like this mirror  MYDIN’s commitment to encouraging and equipping mother entrepreneurs with exposure,  resources, and nurturing conditions to flourish. In championing women’s aspirations, MYDIN  significantly contributes to a more comprehensive and thriving society, embodying an unwavering  allegiance to women’s empowerment and economic advancement.” 

The Ibu Nakhoda Hidup 2023 programme once again epitomises the unswerving dedication of  WOMEN:girls, P&G, and MYDIN, accentuating their shared resolve to empower women  entrepreneurs, kindle economic growth, and forge an enduring impact within Malaysian  communities. From ice cream vendors to music tutors, this initiative has already empowered 25  mother entrepreneurs spanning Malaysia, surmounting barriers to business accomplishment and  enriching their families and communities. 

The closing ceremony of Ibu Nakhoda Hidup 2023 radiates a beacon of aspiration, empowerment,  and collaboration, underscoring the collective commitment of WOMEN:girls, P&G, and MYDIN in  steering meaningful transformation within Malaysia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

For information on this year’s WOMEN: girls Ibu Nakhoda Hidup programme with P&G and MYDIN,  visit www.womengirls.org or contact WOMEN: girls via their social media channels on Instagram  (@womengirls), Twitter (@WOMENgirls_), Tiktok (@_womengirls) and Facebook  (@WOMENgirlsInspire).

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