The Infinix NOTE 30 (X6716) has won the prestigious PARIS Design Awards 2023 with a resounding triumph for Infinix, one of the most rapidly expanding global smartphone brands with a dedication to pushing the limits of design and technology. Due to its very attractive and fashionable appearance, the Infinix NOTE 30 (X6716) won the Product appearance/Media & Home Electronics category.

The PARIS Design Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in the realm of design, honouring excellence in innovation, and creativity across various industries. This cutting-edge mobile device is designed to seamlessly operate on cellular networks, offering users a perfect blend of functionality and style.

One of the distinctive features of the Infinix NOTE 30 (X6716) is the battery cover design that impressively combines two distinct materials, glass and plain leather, adding an extra touch of sophistication to the device. The Infinix NOTE 30 (X6716) boasts a flat and simple shape, embodying a minimalist design that exudes a sleek appearance. The NOTE 30 (X6716 comes adorned with a range of colours, among its colour variants are the alluring Impression Green and the opulent Variable Gold. This innovative approach enhances the phone’s aesthetics and also provides users with a tactile experience that sets it apart from conventional smartphones.

With that, Infinix is also proud and delighted with the exceptional work accomplished by their talented Design Team, comprising Kunwei Dong, Dong Xie, Yongliang Yao, Chaonian Zhang, and Xinling Xiao, for the groundbreaking NOTE 30 (X6716). Their ingenuity and creativity have culminated in an outstanding design that sets a new standard of innovation and aesthetic appeal.

*The winning NOTE 30 (X6716) model is not available in the Malaysian Market.

Find out more about a similar NOTE 30 model available in the Malaysian market and the latest Sunset Gold variant that is now available. Stay tuned with Infinix Malaysia’s official website, Facebook page, Instagram channel  and Tiktok channel for latest product updates.

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