Karnival Jom Heboh @ Puteri Harbour, Johor Dibanjiri 350,000 Pengunjung!

More than 350,000 people are expected to visit the Puteri Harbour districts in Johor over the course of two days on December 9 and 10 (Friday and Saturday) from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. for the last stage of Karnival Jom Heboh (KJH), the largest outdoor festival in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s longest outdoor carnival KJH presented by DuitNow proves its popularity with a very encouraging response from visitors despite the rainy weather.

The lineup of well-known local actors from TV3 and TV9 dramas were the biggest hit with thousands of visitors who got the chance to interact and take pictures with their favorite artists in addition to participating in other activities at the Drama Sangat booth. Among the artists present at the event were Fiza Sabjahan, Fatin Hamimah, Anim Ezzati, Fadlan Hazim, Riena Diana and Elly Mazlein (Kampung People 3), Siti Nordiana, Fezrul Khan and Adriana Adnan (Aku Seorang Perempuan), Amar Baharin (Terima Kasih Cinta), Nabil Aqil (Budak Tebing 3), Nabila Razali (Kerana Cinta Itu Ada), Shiha Zikir, as well as Redza Rosli.

The enjoyment for visitors continued on with offers from DuitNow as they presented guests to hot air balloon ride attractions with the most tempting price of just RM1! Visitors were urged to take advantage of this rare opportunity and start taking in the breathtaking surroundings around Puteri Harbor by registering as early as 8.00am and were available until 6.00pm.

Media Prima stations inclusive of TV3, TV9, DIDIKTV KPM, Hot FM, OH BULAN, SEISMIK, VOCKET, Tonton, WOWSHOP, New Straits Times, Berita Harian, Harian Metro, and others hosted a variety of entertaining events for the purpose of entertaining visitors on the weekends. Youngsters also took the advantage of interacting and getting their photo taken with mascots Yat Yat from 8FM, Alif & Sofia, Little Ammar, and Mila Mina.

In addition to the ignited atmosphere, DIDIKTV KPM launched their “SKUAD DIDIK DuitNow, GEN E-DUIT” campaign programme through SKUAD DIDIK which also encouraged the values of financial literacy and taught students about financial management and the use of cashless services that allow us to pay or receive money easily. This campaign inspired learning through participation in engaging TV journalism workshops with combining DuitNow products and services.

Harian Metro also presented the first tour of the Anugerah Ikon Sukan (AIS) series at KJH for the first time. There was a special appearance of the Top 5 sports icon candidates, including former national martial arts champion Al Jufferi Jumari, and motor sports athlete Muhammad Hakim Danish Ramli. The tour series includes a variety of events, such as mini badminton, football, static cycling, lucky draws, and friendly sessions with athletes.

The Jom Heboh Concert hosted by Fizi Ali and Ayu of HotFM started at 9:00 p.m. for two nights and became the highlight of the event. The list of performers include Shiha Zikir, Juita, Shila Amzah, Haqiem Rusli, Wany Hasrita, Afieq Shazwan, and Siti Nordiana, as well as Alyph Sleeq, Sarah Suhairi, Yonnie Boy, Kaka Azraff, Lia Aziz, Meernash, Insomniacks, and Zynakal.

Those who missed out on last week’s KJH Concert can still watch it in high definition on Tonton’s official website. Visit www.tonton.com or download the tonton app from the App Store or Play Store to watch the show.

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