Kim Jae-joong was explosive in his first concert in 12 years in Malaysia

Kim Jae-debut joong’s solo concert, which was hosted by iMe Malaysia, was the reason for his followers’ comeback to Malaysia after a 12-year absence. The concert was sold out and had attendees from all over the world, including those from the US, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea.

Jae-joong recently released his first South Korean album in six years called Born Gene on September 13 and gave his fans a taste of the songs which range from pop to rock and ballads. The concert opened with a rookie boy band called MIC who are mentored by Jae-joong with a medley of songs including some from JYJ (Jae-joong’s group) like Mission and the wildly popular Chajatta, the OST of Sungkyunkwan Scandal sung by JYJ.

They were quite good and the crowd enjoyed the performance as they cheered the boys on. But of course fans were waiting in anticipation for the real star of the night and the crowd went wild when Jae-joong launched into Just Another Girl from his popular album WWW.

He spoke to the fans after the first song saying it was his first time back here in 12 years and how happy he was to be here. Fans went into a frenzy as he moved to BPM a new song from Born Gene.

Jae-joong changed into several outifts throughout the concert.He transitioned into another high energetic song from the album called Tick-Tack.

Before and after the concert and the breaks, fans were treated to videos of the behind-the-scenes of the making of his album and a pre-recorded Q&A session plus a lovely video of him growing up as a child with his parents

Jae-joong changed into several outifts and he broke up the segments of his concert from pop music, ballads and rock. He started off in a decorative jacket, changed into an all-white outfit for the ballads section, came out in a glittery jacket for the rock section and then put on a T-shirt for his final numbers.

To the delight of the fans he came out clad in a T-Shirt and lime green shirt over it to perform his encore number, Nobody Like You, the title track of Born Gene.

As someone who has attended several of his concerts, for the KL stop Jae-joong definitely went the extra mile and gave an energetic and explosive performance hitting high notes and looking perfect while doing it.

The fans, which included those from Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Canada, US and many more were equally enthusiastic singing along to his new songs and the old and familiar ones.

Jaejoong sang 17 numbers in an almost two hour show.Perhaps it was because he hadn’t been to Malaysia for so long, but it was like he was like pouring out so much passion, emotion and energy while singing.

He showed the wound on his knee that he got in the Seoul concert recently, which kicked off his 2022 Kim Jae Joong Asia Tour Concert. Fans were concerned as it looked quite bad. But he was still able to continue performing.

He hit the high notes, looked ethereal and gorgeous and gave one of the best concert performances I have seen. It was like the concert flew by so fast!

In total he sang 17 numbers in an almost two hour show with songs from Born Gene and his previous albums, WWW, I and No.X.

At the end of the day, Jae-joong has such a charismatic presence on stage, coupled with his beautiful voice and handsome face that he’s just perfection to listen to and look at.

Jae-joong apologised for not extending the concert longer as he was leaving that night itself. But he did promise to come back to Malaysia possibly next year and local fans can look forward to that!