Fans can quickly get the essence of this amazing musician if they can name his four timeless songs: You Know I Love You (“Tu sais je t’aime”), Umi, Pulanglah, and Anugerah Dari Kegalagan.

At initially, Dato’ Sheikh Abdullah’s  branding  or  commercial  name was  “Shake.” Together with  the  well-known actor  Bruce  Lee,  he  was  the  first  Asian  artist  to  achieve  fame  in  France,  Europe  and  French-speaking countries, including Canada, to singing in French in 1976. 

He  recorded  his  debut  song  in  Malay  in  1983,  and  afterwards  adopted  the  stage  name  “Dato’  Shake”.

Dato’ Shake gained  fame as a well-known international artist  based in  Paris and was awarded  the  Chevalier  des  Arts  et  Lettre  (Knight  of  the  Order  of  Arts,  Letters,  and  Merits)  by  the  French  government for his contribution to promoting the French language and culture throughout Asia.  

As  his  gift  to  bring Malaysia  to  the eye  of  the world  through  his  career  in  the music  industry, His  Majesty  the  Sultan  of  Johor  (Malaysia),  the  late  Sultan  Ismail  Ibni  Almarhum  Sultan  Ibrahim  Al  Masyhur bestowed the title of Dato’ on Shake in 1979. Dato’ Shake is a very special person, and his  presence has had a high impact on the music industry.  

InTour  Live  Events  is  pleased  to  host  the  Dato’  Shake  Zepp  KL  Concert  on  16  December 2023,  in  recognition  of  the  many  souls  in  Malaysia  that  want  for  a  melodic  voice  and  to  witness  this  performer of the highest calibre on the international stage. 

The spectacular chronological exploration of his musical career will be shown at this evening. 

The  best  songs  from  his  musical  career  will  all  be  performed,  including  his  well-known  and  unforgettable Malay and French tunes, which are perennially popular both in Malaysia and abroad. 

The Dato’ Shake Zepp KL Concert, according to InTour Live Events, is an event for fans to go back in  time with Dato’ Shake’s classics that have been popular since the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. 

Of  course,  the  most  recent  works—such  as  Chameleon  (2012)—will  be  a  feast  for  the  ears  and  available to be heard live on December 16, 2023, at a concert put on by InTour Live Events. 

Dato’ Shake is a remarkably unique artist. He is unquestionably talented, but more significantly, he is  also  adaptable.  There  is  no  doubting  that  he  is  a  naturally  brilliant  man  who  sings  well  in Malay,  English, and French; he comes close to the term “fusion.” Through his Malay ballads, pop songs, and  new  world  rock  songs,  fans  will  experience  the  nostalgia  of  the  old  world.  From  1988,  when  he  relocated to Hollywood, California, to 2011, new songs were recorded. 

“We are  therefore  thrilled  to  host  the Dato’  Shake Zepp  KL  Concert  because  fans will  not  only  be  able to leave with nostalgia through his Malay songs but will also be fascinated by the pop and rock  genres in French and English that make him a renowned entertainer. 

Furthermore,  we  at  InTour  Live  Events  and  iMe  Entertainment  Group  are  hopeful  that  the  Dato’  Shake  Zepp  KL  Concert  will  allay  fans’  craving  for  the  adored  legend.  Fans  will  see  a  top-notch  performance  by  the  renowned  Parisian  musicians  who  have  supported  Dato’  Shake  consistently  throughout his career,” said Bonor Seen, Managing Director of InTour Live Events. 

Dato’ Shake has been planning his dream trip back to his beloved homeland, Malaysia, to meet his  fans here since 2020. 

The plan, which was postponed because of  the pandemic, will, however, soon come  to pass when  InTour  Live  Events  and  iMe  Entertainment  Group  suggest  that  the  legend,  who  now  calls  Paris,  France home, hold a concert.

Yes,  the  concert  with  the  musical  concept  is  a  magical  moment  for  Dato’  Shake  with  his  stage  charismatic costume, especially his amazing vocals. This is from Dato’ Shake’s message to his fans. 

“The  promise  will  be  kept  for  the  fans  who  still  love me.  In  2020,  I  plan  to  do  a  big  tour  all  over  Malaysia  and  Asia!  Unfortunately,  the  pandemic ruined  everyone’s  plans,  including  mine!  We  entertainers  decided  to  move  forward  with  the  help  and  love  of  God  and  the  people.  We  look  forward to seeing you soon at Zepp KL! I will return to Malaysia for the Dato’ Shake Zepp KL Concert  on 16 December 2023. See you all later! I can’t wait to perform at Zepp KL because there are many  good reviews about Zepp as one of the best stages,” he said excitedly. 

He will perform his original songs in three languages, namely French, English, and Malay, to recreate  the musical journey of his career from 1976 to 2023 and revive the musical nostalgia of the 1970s,  1980s, and 1990s as well as the present. 

On 16 December 2023, at 8.30 p.m., this international artist will perform for fans at the Dato’ Shake  Zepp KL performance for 90 minutes. Prices for concerts range from RM358.  

Dato’ Shake is a famous performer who needs to be cited as an example for the current generation  of musicians, thus it will be one of the best closing concerts 2023 fans have ever seen. 

The concert’s official radio partner is Sinar FM, while the official digital partner is Astro Gempak. INFORMATION 




TIME: 8.30 PM 

ORGANIZER: InTour Live Events and iMe Entertainment Group 

OFFICIAL MEDIA PARTNER: SINAR FM (official radio partner)  

                                                 ASTRO GEMPAK (official digital partner)  


Cat 1: RM598 

Cat. 2: RM498 

Cat. 3: RM398 

Cat. 4: RM458 

Cat 5: RM358 

Premium Box: RM5,000 for 8 pax 

(excludes RM4 processing fee) 

Tickets go on sale on 3 OCTOBER 2023, Tuesday, at 11 a.m.




For all media enquiries, please contact: 

OPIE SOFIA (0126503385) /

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