The day before the actual concert, which is scheduled for September 3, 2022 (7.30 pm), at Megastar Arena, Viva Mall, Jalan Loke Yew, Pamungkas has a press conference and meet-and-greet/mini showcase at The Bee. Since arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Pamungkas has been stuck with a back-to-back schedule. The main goal of this tour is to introduce Pamungkas to Southeast Asia and give his hordes of fans a chance to meet him in person and see his talent in a well-organized and professionally produced live show, but Pamungkas is not one to grumble.

When one of Pamungkas’ songs, “To The Bone,” went viral, the plan began to take shape. The song received immense positive responses from four countries around the region, and due to said song, music fans also started to listen to his other songs released previously. The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore will be visited on this tour, which shares the same name as the fourth album.


The organiser, Tala Records Asia, SoundScape, and Maspam are bringing Pamungkas’ BIRDY- The Southeast Asia Tour, Live in KL to Malaysia. It makes its third stop in Kuala Lumpur after Thailand and the Philippines.

Among the impressive accolades that Pamungkas has received in the past two years are:

  • Two times Spotify Most Streamed Indonesian Artist on Wrapped 2020 and Wrapped 2021.
  • Being the record holder of #1 song on Top 50 Indonesia chart for more than 10 weeks consecutively.
  • Increased Pamungkas’ audience on Spotify from 200k to 5M listeners.
  • Increased Pamungkas’ followers on Spotify from to 100k to 2.8M followers, Youtube subscribers currently stands at 1.2M and Instagram following of more than 1M followers.


Pamungkas has bravely braved combining a lot of musical elements into his one-of-a-kind song-writing ability since breaking into the music industry with his first album, “Walk the Talk,” in 2018. Having already released four albums, including “BIRDY” on June 16, 2022, this fourth album represents Pamungkas’ new journey, representing a more mature, wiser, and curious attitude while also projecting a “Day 1” attitude of experimentation. The album title “BIRDY” to signify a metaphor for the liberated inner child and a symbol of a heartfelt experiment. Due to its compelling message, the focus track “Begin Again” was chosen. It is a song about acceptance, including how to redefine who you are, live a new life, and take back control of your space.

“Take a little song, and dance along, and make it better”- ‘BIRDY’, Pamungkas.