Returning with the single “Dulu” by Zamaera

Rapper, singer, and composer Zamaera is an iconic force in the music business because she is consistently energising, inventive, and fascinating.

The playful nature that Zamaera – given name Sharifah Zamaera Al Edros binti Syed Zafilen – exudes is evident in her previous bodies of work, including her debut single “Helly Kelly”.

With an easily recognisable image and attitude, Zamaera returns to set a new tone for her career through her latest single titled “Dulu”, which is Bahasa Malaysia for “Back Then”.

“Dulu” is described by the 28 year-old as a sonic and lyrical collection of moments and experiences in her artistic career.

Describing the process of making the song akin to flowing water, with every word reflecting her inner world, her emotions:

“ ‘Dulu’ is very special to me. It encapsulates the moments and experiences I’ve gone through as an artist since 2012 till present day. Everything that I felt, poured out of me and onto the lyrics of the song” , she says

“Many people aren’t aware that I was a singer first, before I became a rapper in 2017”, she continues.

“I was also scouted as a 9 year-old and won a storytelling competition, which was the start of my journey as a lyricist. It makes me grateful to have gone through those monumental experiences,” she adds.

She also explains the added layer of personal distinction in “Dulu” with interwoven lyrics like “Tipah Tertipu Tipu Tertipah” from local hip hop royalty Ruffedge’s hit song.

“I wanted those particular lyrics in “Dulu” because it kept ringing in my head in different phases of my personal and career life”, she explains.

“ ‘Pah’ is also short for Sharifah,” she states, having dropped an EP titled “Z” in 2019, an acronym of her own name.

According to Zamaera, “Dulu” was written in the year 2020 when she started getting acquainted with Australia-based Malaysian music producer, Wolfy.

“Dulu” is also set to have its visual story accompaniment through a music video that explains and extends the heart of the song even more.

The music video for “Dulu’”, directed by Zamaera’s old highschool mate Fitri Ayub, is set to release on the 26th of May, a week after the song is released on all streaming platforms.

“I will also be interacting with my fans on Instagram Live for the debut of the ‘Dulu’ music video and I can’t wait to meet them all”, she excitedly chimes in.

The amount of external support that has poured in for the pre-production of Zamaera’s long-awaited comeback single includes the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) (music video location) and well-known fashion designers such as Syomirizwa Gupta, Alia Bastamam and Shaleen Cheah (music video styling).

Planting her roots in the music industry at the young age of 17, Zamaera has come a long way from rolling with the biggest talents from Hip Hop such as Joe Flizzow, SonaOne and Altimet, to ultimately carving her own path as an independent female artist, now at 28 years old.

“Dulu” strikes as a strong comeback for the seasoned and skilled performer, adding to her ever growing discography which includes her previous hits such as “Get Munni”, “Jangan Salah Sangka” and “Still Callin”.

Zamaera has also gained international recognition through her performance in the Asean-Korean Music Festival Round 2020, representing her home country Malaysia.

“I also have an exciting announcement soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy and appreciate ‘Dulu’’, she concludes.

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