SIBT and SSHT forums to highlight green development

To support growth and encourage a higher standard of living, the Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT), Shanghai Smart Home Technology (SSHT), and Shanghai Smart Office Technology (SSOT) zones will be back from 29 August to 31 August, 2023. The Shanghai New International Expo Centre is expected to house the fairs’ 400 exhibitors across 30,000 square metres. It will be possible to examine hot issues across many fields in a variety of specialty forums. The dual control system on energy consumption and intensity is one of these, along with the development of new energy sources and energy conservation.

Running under the themes of “Smart connection” and “Smart frontier”, the fairs aim to inspire the creation of new ideas, technologies, and solutions across various smart industries. Experts and scholars from the fields of facility management, power electronics, parking, new energy vehicles charging and more will share their insights in multiple sectors. Forums with a focus on energy saving and dual carbon include:

  • China International Summit on Smart Facility Management

Organised by Tongji University Facility Management Research Institute and the CRE&FM Alliance, the summit will bring together experts from the fields of facility management, energy and sustainability to discuss the latest developments, challenges and opportunities of intelligent facility management. They will also share insights around how smart facility management can help to achieve the goals of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

  • Shanghai International Forum on Smart Home Energy Efficiency Control and Household Energy Management

This year, SIBT and SSHT will be co-located with PCIM Asia for the first time, aiming to push the boundaries of what is possible with smart technology. The fairs are jointly organising a forum where representatives from leading companies, including LAZZEN, Power Integrations and Mitsubishi Electric, will delve into industry trends across various sectors. For example, leveraging the connectivity and energy-saving capabilities of smart home systems through power electronics technology, and highlighting the development of smart home energy management.

  • Development of Integrated Construction of Parking and Charging Summit

Parking China is scheduled to take place alongside SIBT and SSHT once again. As car parks are an important part of urban infrastructure, the parking industry naturally has a close connection to the building industry. Through this summit, discussions will focus on the standards, urban planning and industrial application of charging and swapping facilities as well as orderly charging technology.

Other highlights include “Forum of 2023 KNX Smart Home and Building Control Technology – The Development and Future of KNX Energy Efficiency and Management” and “EnOcean Energy Harvesting Wireless Solutions for Energy-efficient and Smart Spaces”.

  • Development of Smart Education and New Infrastructure Forum
    Attendees can gain insights into the integration of smart campus equipment and schools, with discussions covering smart and green technology, energy efficient control, the integration of information technology and education, and the latest trends in building smart campuses.
  • The Meadin Smart Hotel Development Forum 2023

Co-organised with Meadin, a media platform specialised in space utilisation within commercial areas, the forum will explore the development of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and its practical applications within the hotel sector. From the perspective of improving work efficiency and maintaining the service level in hotels, AIoT can open up a new era of refined hotel operations.

  • Smart Administration Forum

Organised by “Administrative League”, an online platform for corporate administrative services, this forum will discuss how the industry can integrate innovative technology into corporate administrative services to promote digitalisation, boost staff engagement and improve revenue.

Comfortable living and working spaces are likely to lead to a higher standard of living. In spatial design, considering the use of smart technology can enhance both the user experience and the efficiency of the work. Forums related to interior design and management and healthy living spaces include:

  • OffiSmart Shanghai Smart Office and Workplace Management Summit

From concept design to application, experts from various companies and associations will share their thoughts on the development and innovation of smart software and hardware, the trends and influence of spatial design, and the evolution of work concepts. Those companies include Canon, Commercial Office Research Council, Gensler, Guanaitong, Lamex, Libawall, Logitech, Shure, Simon, Tongji University Facility Management Research Institute, Wafer, WeWork, Yealink and Yishan.

  • Digitalisation Empowers Spatial Design

The fair will jointly hold the forum with the Shanghai Decoration Industry Association, bringing together representatives from leading decoration companies and interior designers to highlight the needs of smart transformation and the integration of smart technology into the field of decoration.

  • CSHIA Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp  Smart Home Open Class

To promote industry exchange, mentors from the start-up camp of the China Smart Home Industry Alliance (CSHIA) will share a variety of experiences on frontline services. Topics will include the application and innovation of DALI technology in the smart home sector, as well as the use of lighting solutions for high-end integrated smart home projects.

Other highlights include: “CSHIA East China Summit – Innovation in the Smart Home Ecosystem”, “SSHT Home Audio-Visual Entertainment Innovation Forum”, “A Journey of Healthy Living Spanning Thousands of Miles; Reflection on Digital Management of Low-carbon and Healthy Building Spaces” and “DALI Alliance in China’s Innovation Application Technology Forum 2023”.

Connecting the global smart building industry network

Furthermore, the newly launched ConnectedSMART-live online platform provides a range of value-added services aimed at bridging the gap between exhibitors and buyers. For example, the platform can match buyers with exhibitor counterparts based on their sourcing targets and pre-schedule appointments for on-site negotiations. Additionally, it offers forum event live broadcasting and review functions, enabling platform users to stay abreast of market trends anytime and anywhere.

SIBT and SSHT are headed by the biennial Light + Building event in Frankfurt, Germany. The next edition will be held from 3 – 8 March 2024.

Messe Frankfurt organises a number of trade fairs for the light and building technology sectors in China, including Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology. The company’s lighting and building technology trade fairs also cover the markets in Argentina, India, Thailand and the UAE.

For more information on Light + Building shows worldwide, please visit To learn more about SIBT and SSHT, please visit or email



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