YOLO Malaysia is proud to present NOAH, one of Indonesia’s biggest rock bands, who will perform live in a much-anticipated rock musical extravaganza ‘YOLO MALAYSIA: NOAH Live In KL’ on the 12th of November 2022, at 8:30 p.m., at the latest state-of-the-art concert hall, Zepp Kuala Lumpur, offering concert-goers an extraordinary and out-of-this-world experience.

“YOLO Malaysia marches ahead by bringing more exhilarating and exciting top musical acts. After 6 successful ‘YOLO Live Sessions’ concerts by top Malaysian artists, we’ve progressed one step further by bringing today’s most sought-after international artists.

“For starters, we’ve decided to bring top musical acts from around the Southeast Asian region, and a famous rock band from Indonesia, NOAH, was chosen to end the year with a bang,” explained Haniff Hamzah, as the Executive Producer of YOLO Malaysia.

Recently, YOLO Malaysia has successfully organized a one-of-a-kind concert ‘YOLO Live Sessions: 3 Generasi’ which brought together 3 prominent rock musicians of different generations and genres such as Spider, Noh Salleh and XPDC.

According to Ib Harun, Founder of YOLO Asia, “Most concert attendees were utterly satisfied with the rocking performances by all 3 major acts. Each of them gave a mind-blowing performance and the audience were simply captivated during the concert.

“In keeping the ‘rock’ momentum running, we bring you Indonesia’s legendary rock band, NOAH who has a legion of fans in Malaysia. The band was chosen on the basis of their ability to put on a brilliant show that will captivate concert-goers, and this is just the beginning as we’ve planned for many more international acts to perform in the near future.

NOAH consists of 3 band members, frontman or lead vocalist, composer and music producer, Nazril Irham or famously known as Ariel, main guitarist, Lukman Hakim or Lukman, and also keyboardist, David Kurnia Albert Dorfel or better known as David.

The band, which was established in August 2012 has agreed to perform in Kuala Lumpur by YOLO Malaysia’s initiative to bring more international acts for the Malaysian audience.

“Besides entertaining fans of NOAH in Malaysia, get ready to experience the best 90 minutes of your life with non-stop hits by them throughout their involvement in the music industry.

“On the night of the concert, 3 professional musicians will be accompanying NOAH and there’s also a surprise, so to those who wish not to miss the excitement, make sure you’re there.” according to Hamka Mohd Taufik, Creative Producer of YOLO Malaysia.

Ticket buyers will not only get the chance to witness an energetic and out-of-this-world performance by NOAH in a more intimate setting, but also get the chance to interact with their idols.

“The response has been very encouraging indeed, we extend our thank you to all. And to those who don’t want to miss out on future events, don’t forget to pre-register on our website,” said Haniff.

As an added information, before any concert organized by YOLO Malaysia takes place, a pre-registration period is introduced for buyers to gain privileges to purchase tickets at an early stage, after which the remainder will be sold to the public.

For future references, the organizers highly suggest that future ticket buyers follow all the YOLO Malaysia’s social media platforms for latest updates.

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