Your Ultimate Companion: 6 Reasons To Accept vivo V27

In Malaysia, the V27, the newest member of the V series, made its debut, surprising Malaysians with its unmatched features and usefulness. Check out the 6 compelling reasons to buy the V27 if you are considering buying a phone but are unsure which to choose.

  1. Do you get a headache when capturing a night scene photo?- Therefore you should rely on vivo V27 for an eye-catching night portrait as the aura light portrait feature enables your face to look more radiant and glowing. Just one take and you can own a masterpiece night portrait easily!
  2. Are you a person who loves to take photos?-The Sony IMX766V Customised Flagship Sensor that was previously only available for flagship models has now been incorporated by vivo into the vivo V27.  Despite being a mid-range phone, the vivo V27 allows you to enjoy a flagship photography experience!
  3. Do you always face shaking and blurry videos?-Now your video can be recorded even as you are running from place to place thanks to the OIS Ultra Sensing Camera installed in the vivo V27.
  4. Are you a person who loves selfies?-The 50 MP HD AF Selfie on the vivo V27 can help you with this issue because it has auto focus (AF) technology, which makes it easier to get a clearer, more distinct focus for your selfies. Therefore, all it takes is one snap to get you going!
  5. Tired of generic phone colours and want something special to complement your everyday attire?-Then you should try out the vivo V27 as it is equipped with vivo’s exclusive colour changing technology. The lighter green will gradually change into a darker, more attractive tone when exposed to sunshine. Two distinct colours in one phone, who doesn’t love it?
  6. Is the phone lagging problem your concern?-You can count on vivo V27 as the 12+256GB allows you to run up to 36 apps simultaneously while maintaining its flawless performance. Furthermore, its 12GB RAM can be expanded through the use of virtual memory.

Interested in purchasing vivo V27? Hurry up to your nearest vivo concept store and grab a vivo V27 now! For more information, stay tuned to vivo Malaysia’s official Facebook Page.