Perhaps aficionados and users of health supplements are familiar with Sacha Inchi, also known by the scientific name Plukenetia Volubilis, a medicinal plant native to Peru’s Amazon Forest. For information, the Inca community in Peru has used Sacha Inchi as a source of medicine and wellness for over 3,000 years.

Last December, Naurish Sdn Bhd proudly announced the successful acquisition of ZEMVELO, a leading brand specialized in Sacha Inchi goods, and its manufacturing factory, Sacha Inchi Marketing Sdn Bhd. This strategic move establishes Naurish Sdn Bhd as a prominent participant in the Sacha Inchi market, reinforcing its commitment to producing high-quality plant-based health products.

This acquisition brings 22 Sacha Inchi OEM Brand Companies within the purview of Sacha Inchi Marketing Sdn Bhd, signifying a substantial expansion of Naurish Sdn Bhd’s portfolio.

Naurish Sdn Bhd takes pride in producing softgel gelatin made entirely from vegetables. The firm does not employ bovine or other animal-derived materials. This makes Sacha Inchi Oil useful for a wide range of customers, including vegetarians and vegans. The firm emphasises the significance of customer product selection, as certain softgels on the market may be derived from non-plant sources and have questionable halal certification.In contrast to certain brands on the market, which may claim their softgels are plant-based and halal without adequate certification. ZEMVELO proudly displays the HALAL certificate and clearance from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM). Furthermore, the firm is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), demonstrating its adherence to international standards and product safety.

Naurish Sdn Bhd’s devoted to excellence extends beyond credentials. Each product is thoroughly tested in a laboratory to verify that all levels of vitamins and omega 3, 6, 9 satisfy the highest quality requirements. This commitment emphasises the company’s ongoing efforts across all aspects of its product offering.

Experience fitness efficiency with ZEMVELO softgels, which dissolve quickly and provide excellent absorption in just one minute. This establishes a new benchmark, outperforming traditional capsules (vegetable carrageenan) (4 minutes) and softgels (bovine) (3 minutes).

Naurish Sdn Bhd intends to extend Sacha Inchi’s advantages to a broader variety of consumers, while reinforcing its dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer pleasure.