The Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) awards made a triumphant comeback to honour and promote local performers. AIM is still prominent and hasn’t lost its lustre, as evidenced by the fact that the event’s 23rd edition was held at the Dewan Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA).

The event witnessed local music fans celebrating the winners, consisting of their favourite singers whose songs who were deemed the best throughout the year.

Stealing the limelight at the AIM23 were record labels Universal Music Malaysia and Def Jam Recordings Malaysia bagging 12 awards from 21 categories.

The winners include Best Vocal Performance in A Song (Female): Sinar Mata Hati (Ernie Zakri), Best Vocal Performance in A Song (Group): Tunggu (V.E.), Best Album: Yonny (Deluxe Edition) (Yonnyboii), Best Malay Song Performed by An International Artiste: Tak Ingin Usai (Keisya Levronka), Best Local English Song: Game of Charades (Sophia Zuhri) and Best R&B/Hip Hop Song : CIAO (Joe Flizzow).

Joining the list were also, Best Pop Song: Goodbye Hello (Ernie Zakri & Syamel), Best Album Recording: Belagu (Dayang Nurfaizah), Best Song Recording: Tudung Periuk (Dayang Nurfaizah), Best Arrangement in A Song: Tudung Periuk (Dayang Nurfaizah), Best Song: Goodbye Hello (Ernie Zakri & Syamel) and Highest Selling Ring Tone: Adakah Ini Mimpi (Reedzwann).

Universal Music Malaysia Managing Director, Kim Lim said, the victory achieved by Universal Music Malaysia and Def Jam Recordings Malaysia is considered extra-ordinary especially after the entertainment industry was put to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Movement Control Order (MCO) for two years.

We know that throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the arts scene could not flourish as it used to. However, record labels did not remain silent. Hence, digital content had to be strengthened. During this period, Universal Music Malaysia and Def Jam Recordings Malaysia were actively producing songs for local music lovers.

Although faced with several challenges, it did not prevent record labels from creating high-quality songs and albums. This is the core of our very foundation. The label also allowed artistes the freedom to create and flaunt their creativity.

Whatever it is, the success at the AIM23 is a testament of the hard work and effort of everyone involved in producing these masterpieces. Hopefully, this will be a driving factor in motivating Universal Music Malaysia and Def Jam Recordings Malaysia to produce more high-quality offerings.

According to Kim Lim, she also hopes that promotion of songs will continue to be done on ground as it is an unforgettable tradition.

Although throughout the pandemic and MCO most activities were done on-line on all digital platforms, Universal Music Malaysia and Def Jam Recordings Malaysia maintained the expected standards. At the same time, on ground activities which were considered a norm before this should continue. We still want that vibe.


Meanwhile, Universal Music Malaysia’s A&R and Marketing Director who is also the Head of DefJam Recording Malaysia, Hermond Cheng said, he is also very proud of the achievements attained by Def Jam Recordings Malaysia.

Universal Music Malaysia and Def Jam Recordings Malaysia would also like to express their heartfelt thanks to their partners namely Rocketfuel Entertainment Sdn. Bhd; DN & AD Entertainment Sdn. Bhd; Cloudworks Entertainment; Kasugi Timur Sdn. Bhd. / Wake The Baby and RUSA Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

For the 23rd AIM, the organisers received 650 nominations but only 105 were shortlisted for the 21 competing categories for works that were produced within a span of one and a half years, beginning January 1st 2021 till June 30th 2022.

Chairman of the Malaysian Recording Industry Association (RIM) which is also the organising committee of AIM23, Rosmin Hashim said 113 professional juries were involved in evaluating the nominees, with each category being judged by seven to 10 professionals from their respective field.

Music Maestro, Datuk Mokhzani Ismail, who served as the chief jury, is on the list of professional jurors, along with Omar K, DJ Fuzz, Adi Priyo, Shah Slam, Datuk Syafinaz Selamat, Fauzi Marzuki, Datuk Acis, Dato’ Afdlin Shauki, Mas Idayu, Noryn Aziz, and numerous more.

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