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The MOSTI Deputy Minister praises “The Greatest Artist” for being the first artificial intelligence multisensory digital art exhibition created by Malaysians and intends to highlight regional customs, arts, and culture using contemporary technology

Following the success of its debut of the “The Greatest Artist” exhibition, FrameMotion Studio Sdn. Bhd (FrameMotion Studio), a locally produced digital and immersive experiential studio, has established a record in the Malaysian Book of Records for creating the “FIRST AI MULTISENSORY DIGITAL ART EXHIBITION.” After seeing the breadth of Malaysia’s capabilities in the aforementioned exhibition, YB Datuk Arthur Joseph Kurup, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI), expressed his interest in working towards measures that would highlight our local Malaysian traditions, culture, and arts using contemporary technology on a global scale.

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) has gained momentum in many entertainment services in Malaysia due to the advancement of technology worldwide. Continuing on its journey to spearhead Malaysia as a high-technology and innovative country, FrameMotion Studio was the co-organizer of the Van Gogh Alive exhibition held at Pavilion Bukit Jalil  from December 2022 to March 2023. To demonstrate Malaysia’s proficiency and advancements in AI, Frame Motion Studio took on the role to curate and produce ‘The Greatest Artist’ – a never-before-seen, fully-AI-powered, and interactive exhibition, that showcases an archive of Van Gogh, the historically acclaimed artist’s paintings through immersive experiences.

FrameMotion Studio is proud to have made Malaysia the first country to feature an AI-powered exhibition to complement the world-renowned Van Gogh Alive exhibition which has been very successful worldwide. This also reflects FrameMotion Studio’s commitment to educating visitors about the artist himself, Vincent Van Gogh, by taking them on an immersive educational experience through his life in the 1800s. In doing so, FrameMotion Studio hopes to inspire local artists and bring greater awareness to Malaysia on the importance of nurturing and supporting our local creative industry.

Mr. Jeand Pua, Chief Executive Officer of FrameMotion Studio shared, “We produced ‘The Greatest Artist’ to set the benchmark for what can be achieved while using artificial intelligence to convey inherent messages whilst portraying art. Taking inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh himself, we took it as a challenge upon ourselves to create this AI-powered exhibition so that we can encourage local players to go above and beyond the common expectations, and make a positive impact on our society.”

It took a total of one and half months and 12 individuals to curate ‘The Greatest Artist’ from the ideation to the actual deployment and commissioning of the exhibition; giving visitors a deep dive into the artist’s life history and getting a hands-on immersive Van Gogh art history experience through multiple interactive activities such as:

  1. INFINITY STARRY WALKWAY: A walkway created with LED strip installations surrounded by a mirror of the visitor’s reflection.
  2. THE LIGHT OF HOPE: Feel the pulsating vibes of sunflowers inspired by Van Gogh’s masterpiece as they react to your presence, following your every move.
  3. AI SELF-PORTRAIT: Portraits of visitors were created in the Post-Impressionist style of one the world’s most renowned artists, Vincent Van Gogh. As one of Asia’s first deployments of AI-generated portrait paintings, those who attended the exhibition became one of the first few in Asia to experience bringing home their own Post-Impressionist portraits!
  4. SHOWER OF JOY: As flowers wither and fall, visitors were able to celebrate the significance of the event and witness flower petals swirling and landing on them, touching their souls. This was inspired by the artwork of Reiji Hiramatsu’s Nihonga paintings.

The two exhibitions became one of Malaysia’s most demanded forms of entertainment since it opened, successfully achieving a total of 150,000 tickets sold throughout the event period, with the first 100,000 tickets sold within just 5 days when the ticket sales were launched in early December.

During an exclusive visit by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI), YB Datuk Arthur Joseph Kurup, Deputy Minister of MOSTI shared, “We are always looking for new ways to do things in line with new technology to enhance people’s experience and advance the efficiency of doing things. I believe by using technology we can enhance the experience and make it more attractive so that they are not coming here for just any visual experience in Malaysia but a more interactive one, so I am very pleased to see that there are Malaysians who are taking initiative to adopt new technology, AI, and multi-sensory elements so that we can give more spotlight to the creative industry. I hope that we can bring this technology forward to help to promote local arts and content so that we too can show the world that we are not only rich in arts and culture but we can use modern technology to promote our traditional arts and culture.”

“Malaysians do not lack the talent to adopt modern technology and what FrameMotion did is a great example of that. We need to find ways to allow more Malaysian corporations to shine and as part of the government, we aim to facilitate wherever we can to give Malaysians a platform to showcase their talent as well as for them to play a bigger role in not only the arts and culture but also the technology scene as well. I would like to see more young people get involved in technology and the local art scene, to see how we can take something so traditional like arts and culture and how we can modernize it by using the new technology that we have,” he added.

The introduction of the first AI multi-sensory digital art exhibition was aimed to revitalize the entertainment industry in Malaysia by delivering an unparalleled immersive exhibition experience, shedding light on the stigma of traditional museum visits. This advanced technology exemplified the company’s commitment to exploring the boundaries of creativity and machine intelligence through a range of cutting-edge technologies in AI-generative art technology applied to the artworks.

With the overwhelming success of ‘The Greatest Artist’ through rave online reviews and ticket sales, FrameMotion Studio is excited to develop and curate more Malaysian-made innovative experiences in the near future. In addition to this, the homegrown studio is also currently in talks with overseas partners to undergo the possibility of bringing The Greatest Artist across the globe; showcasing the talents of Malaysian corporations and furthering Malaysia’s technological capacity to greater heights.

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